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Will cellphone exposure harm male fertility?

Cell phones are an integral part of everyday life and today it’s more than just voice conversations. Today cell phones are used to browse the internet, convey news, take high resolution pictures or interact via social networks.

But this comes with a price and if you are a gentleman and you want to stay so it may be the right time to take the phone out of your trousers pocket.

cellphone exposure harm male fertilityA decrease in male fertility occurs for years which is why it might be related to the development of technology.

Fiona Mathews, study leader of the biosciences department at the University of Exeter in England recently revealed the results of a study on sperm exposed to mobile phone radiation. Fiona and her team analyzed 10 separate studies that included laboratory tests and questionnaires of men at fertility clinics. All but one of the studies showed a link between poorer sperm quality and mobile phone exposure.

According to the study published on June 9, 2014 in the Journal Environment International, the electromagnetic radiation is to blame. It suggests sperm number and movement are affected by keeping the mobile phone in the pocket of the trousers. Exposure to cell phones might lower sperm motility by 8% and viability by 9%. Sperm viability refers to the proportion of sperm that is alive and motility refers to the ability to move toward an egg.

The researchers note that how much EMR the phones emit, as well as how long the phones are kept in pockets are also important things to consider.

But if you do a simple web research you’ll find out similar studies about this subject were published in the past.

In 2011 study leader and a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at Queen’s University, Rany Shamloul along with a team of U.S. and Austrian researchers have found the sperm quality might be affected by exposure to cell phone radiations.

A similar study was published by the Environmental Working Group in 27 August, 2013. The results of that study were worse as they revealed 11% fewer mobile sperm in men that carried their phone in the pocket of their trousers. So, are things getting better? Are the new phones better? Maybe, maybe not.

Fiona received criticism from other scientists about the quality of evidence and she agreed that more studies are necessary into the risk of mobile phones on sperm counts. This study was not designed to determine a cause and effect relationship. It just found an association between exposure to cellphone radiations and male fertility.

If the results of the studies are correct the men living in US might be in much more trouble than those living outside US. The radio frequencies used for cellular networks differ in Europe, Asia or America. European and Asian networks operate at 850/950 MHz while US networks operate at 1800.1900 MHz. Higher frequency means higher energy in the radio waves.

It isn’t clear yet how much the cell phones are contributing to lower quality sperm. It might be or might not be. But do you want to take the risks? But this is up to you. You can’t get a medical advice when even scientists are not sure yet.